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Dot Net Syllabus

Console Application Development VC#.Net 2010

 Introduction of VC#.Net Framework
 Fundamentals of VC#.Net Programming Language
 Understanding OOPS Concepts
 Essential Features of .Net Framework

ASP.Net Web Sites

 Application Life Cycle
 Web Site Structure
 Site Navigation
 Master Pages

ASP.Net Web Pages

 Web Pages Overview
 ASP.Net Web Pages Syntax
 Web Pages Code Model
 Web Pages Life Cycle
 Web Pages Class Overview

ASP.Net Web Page Controls

 HTML , JavaScript, CSS
 Standard Control
 Validation Control
 Web Part Control
 User & Custom Control

Database Programming Using ADO.Net

 State Management
 HTTP Handlers & HTTP Modules
 Ajax, Ajax Tool Kit
 Ad Rotators
 Securing ASP.Net Web Site
 Administrating .Net Web Site
 Building & Deploying Site
 Debugging Web Site

SQL Server 2008

 Features of SQL Server
 Foundation statement of T-SQL
 Joins, Sub Query, Views
 Functions & Stored Procedures
 SQL Server Managements

Flash Animator, GIF Creation
LINQ, JQuery, Silver Lights
Import Export Excel
URL Tempering
Live Project Using ASP.Net