Bathinda spelling as Bhatinda, named after the Bhati Rajput kings, is one of the oldest cities in Punjab, India and the current administrative headquarters of Bathinda District. It is in northwestern India in the Malwa (Punjab) Region, 225 km west of the capital city of Chandigarh. Bathinda is nicknamed the 'City of Lakes' and was once known as Tabar-e-Hind (or Tabarhindh) meaning the Gateway to India. The first empress of India, Razia Sultan was imprisoned in the Qila Mubarak fort in Bathinda. Bathinda is home to two modern thermal power plants, Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant in the city and the other one, Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant at Lehra Mohabbat. It has a fertilizer plant, a large oil refinery, a zoo, and the historic Qila Mubarak fort. Bathinda is one of the biggest food grain and cotton markets in northern India, and the area around Bathinda has become a large grape growing area. It is one of the leading cities in Punjab for education. Bathinda cantonment is said to be the largest in Asia. Bathinda has one of the biggest food-grain and cotton markets in India. The Multinational Corporation Pepsi processes horticultural products grown in Bathinda. Main Places of Bathinda : Bathinda has a rich religious and cultural heritage. There are a number places worth visiting in and around the city. Many of them are deeply associated with various religious beliefs.

  • Qila Mubarak
  • Takht Sri Damdama Sahib
  • Rose Garden
  • Zoological Park
  • Hotels
  • KFC
  • Malls : Mittal Mall,City Center Mall,Peninsula Mall,City walk Mall and vishal mega mart
  • Maiser khana
  • Dhobi Bazaar
  • Thermal plants
  • Boating Club