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PHP Syllabus

Core Concepts

 Introduction to Web technologies
 Html Basics
 Integrated Development Environment
 Working with Images and Styles
 Table, list and linking with multiple pages
 Animation Frames and Forms

Java Script and CSS

 Introduction to java-script
 Cascading Style Sheet
 CSS with images and styles
 Insert menus in Web-page Using Menu Maker

Working With Server

 Introduction to Open-Source Technologies
 WAMP server (Apache, MySql, Php)
 XAMP server (Apache, MySql, Php)
 Basics of PHP and some other stuff

PHP Concepts

 Introduction to PHP
 Programming Constructs
 Data Operations – Strings, Math & Date
 Arrays, Functions
 Error handling and Debugging
 File Operations
 HTTP Request/Response

Database Connectivity

 Handling Databases
 Data Definition Language
 Data Manipulation Language
 Database Connectivity

Sessions, Cookies & FTP
Advanced AJAX
Flash Animator, GIF Creation
Live Project