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ASP Web Development

ASP.NET makes building website applications dramatically Easier & allows for a wider variety of web functions to operate within the site. is owned and marketed by Microsoft. is a server-side web technology which is used for various kinds of web development activities. is widely used in development of dynamic web pages, web applications, web sites. is also used for XML web services. obtain object-oriented programming to output web pages. In this kind of programming, programmers define the entire structure of data along with its type and functions. Type of data and type of operation both are mentioned in this type of object oriented programming. This converts the entire data and functions into an object and that is what distinguishes the from other languages. In fact every single element of in an object oriented programming is treated as an object. is structured on Common Language Runtime. This feature gives a liberty to the users to write code in any Microsoft.NET language. The webpage produced with gets speedily amassed into a transitional language by a .NET Language Runtime-compliant compiler.

PHP Web Development

PHP the Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the immensely used scripting languages. A more clear statement about it says that PHP is a programming language or more accurately it is a reflective programming language. PHP is broadly used scripting language. PHP is most constructively used for web development and for creating dynamic WebPages. PHP language is set into HTML pages.